HOME OFFICE – what to wear?

Home Office, the Office that moved to our Home. Perhaps this had already happened another time, but this way, unexpectedly and with no expiry date, it is being a whole new reality.

And now that I don't have to go out to work, can I stay in my pajamas and slippers all day? NOT! Let that not even cross your mind!

More than ever, for your sake and that of your family, there is a whole routine that you must maintain as if you were going to work:

- Determine a time to start, break for lunch and a time to finish. Don't forget that your entire team is still working too, so it's good that everyone is on the same schedule.

- Have it all fixed up and ready when you sit down at the computer first thing in the morning. Surely you don't want your clients or colleagues to see you all disheveled and without make up (even if it's just a BBcream), right? Suddenly, you may have to go into videoconferencing and you better be prepared.

- And the clothes? WHAT TO WEAR ? The clothes are the same as usual, and the good part is that at home you can be a little more comfortable (… and without high heels). Knits and lightweight fabrics are definitely the best option. A long dress , printed pants combined with a basic shirt and a maxi coat could be your favorite look. Add some earrings and/or a cute necklace and you'll see that your day even goes better.

Just a small note, to remind you that when you are in a videoconference, everyone will see the environment in which you are working, which must be as neutral as possible and pay attention to objects that could eventually be behind you.


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