Como Arrumam os vossos Livros?

How Do You Arrange Your Books?

How do you arrange your shelves?

Now that we've been to 🏠 and used it to get our house in order... we all have bookshelves to clean and tidy.

I confess that I really enjoy reading, that I love my books 📚 and I follow the criteria

to arrange by author or theme regardless of size or color.

However, I have been observing this “rainbow bookshelves” trend that even adds a colorful 🌈 to a room.


what is your opinion?

Could you fix it like that?

Or are you like me and go traditional - author/fiction/non-fiction?

Or arrange by size?

Or do they also place decorative objects/photographs on the shelves along with the books?


I repost an image from @hmbookgang , a digital book club I recently joined, where, every month, several reading suggestions are released for the community to read together. Very interesting 📚

Here's the tip 🤓

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